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We are a Burnham Home Heating Team Member.

The Gregory family has been in the heating business for close to 50 years. It started with Angelo Gregory Sr. He started converting old coal fired boilers to oil right after World War Two. He used to work out of the trunk of his car because he couldn't afford to buy a truck. Money was tight back then and he refused to take advantage of people. He put in a days work for a days pay, the same way we do things now. 

We have come along way since then. We now have every tool that a heating contractor could need or ever use. We have newer trucks and they are radio dispatched by real people that will answer the phone 24 hours a day. We don't believe in answering machines. 

My name is AL Gregory. I started working for my father over 30 years ago when I was just a teenager. I learned from my father how to treat people and their homes. I will never sell you something just to make a buck. If you don't need it I wont tell you that you do need it. I believe as did my father that we should treat our customers just as we would treat our friends and family.

We don't have a big fancy office and we don't spend a lot of money on advertising. We get to keep our prices low that way. When you see a half page add in the yellow pages they are paying over $1000.00 a month for it. Where do you think they get the money to pay for it? They get it from you. We get most of our business from word of mouth and referrals from other customers. Give us a try you wont regret it. Have any questions? Give us a call

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